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How do I place an order?

Here’s a step-by-step overview of the ordering process:

1/ Browse the store and find the products that you want to purchase (go to the shop page)

2/ The product you are interested in may have a variation, like a clothing or shoe size – please select your variation first. [image]

3/ If you wish to add more than one product, increase the amount by entering a new value in the text box to the left of the “Add to Basket” Button. [image]

3/ To add the product to your basket, click “Add to Basket”. You may browse further and add other products to your basket, if you are interested in purchasing more than one product, the website will remember what you have placed in your Basket until you have completed the current order. [image]

4/ When you have added everything you need to your basket, you can proceed to the “Cart” page to review your basket content.

5/ If you are satisfied with the products in your Basket, you may proceed to the “Checkout” page to complete your order.

6/ On the Checkout page you will need to complete the following to place your order:

  • Enter your billing and shipping (delivery) addresses (Tick if they are the same)
  • Double Check your order summary, order quantities, shipping method & order total
  • Select your payment method – Payfast Credit Card or Instant EFT (Public Only) / Zapper (Public Only) / On Account (Dealers & H/O Only)
  • Add your Purchase Order Number in the Notes Field (Dealers & H/O Only)
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions (bottom right of the page)
  • Click the “Place Order” button (bottom right of the page)

7/ If you chose Payfast (Public Only): You will be redirected to the PayFast Payment Gateway that will process your payment. (Please note you may also do an Instant EFT via PayFast).  You will receive and order confirmation once the payment has been received, to let you know the order has been completed. Instant EFT Payment Limit: None. Credit Card Payment Limit: R5000.00 per order maximum.

8/ If you chose On Account (Dealers & H/O Only): You will receive an order confirmation. Your order will be shipped ASAP and you will receive an invoice from Sapphire and a statement at the end of the month from Iveco Head Office. Back Order items will be shipped and billed as soon as they are in stock.